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1. Stock Carb 6. '08-'11 Carburetor Fix
2. 17.5mm Del Lorto Carb 7. Zuma Gas Cap Problems
3. 19/21mm Del Lorto Carb 8.Variator-Clutch fixes and diagram
4. What is a variator? 9. Installing a Variator
5. How does a two stroke work  10. Installing Final Drive
11. Service Manual Error 12. ZUMA 125 Fuel Pump Recall

Page 1 Exhaust Systems
Page 2 Belts - Springs - Rollers
Page 3  Electronic Jet Kit- Air Filters- Breathers
Page 4 Variator
Page 5 Clutch - Final Drive
Page 6 Big Bore Kit-Oil Cooler
Page 7 Brakes
Page 8 Tires & Wheels
Page 9  Front Suspension
Page 10 Rear Suspension
Page 11  Dual Head Light Kit - Battery - BatteryTender
Page 12 Corbin SEAT- Service Manual - Locks - Safety Vest
Page 13 Rear Rack - Travel Trunk - Saddlebags, License Frame, Red Light Changer, Scooter Kilt, Cover, Winshield
Page 14  
Page 15  Bling for the 125!
Page 16  Tech Tips 
Page 17  Engine Work


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