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Belts! Belts! Belts!


  • Yamaha
  • Erlandson-Kevlar

Different belts, different prices, different performance.

As your drive belt wears down, it gets thinner and thinner. This will start to decrease your top speed. So, if your scooter is getting slower and slower, but you don't know why, replace that belt! Quite likely, that is the cause!



Clutch Spring Kits

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Hard

Torque Springs


Torque springs do a couple of things. First they supply the pressure to engage the belt. They also determine the rate at which the CVT transmission changes from low to high gear. A 1000rpm spring will go into a higher gear sooner than a 2000rpm spring.





Roller Kits

Rollers for the stock, Polini, & NCY variators

  • Light to Heavy
  • High Quality-Not made in China
  • Long Lasting
  • Many sizes
  • Many weights

Page 1 Exhaust Systems
Page 2 Belts - Springs - Rollers
Page 3  Electronic Jet Kit- Air Filters- Breathers
Page 4 Variator
Page 5 Clutch - Final Drive
Page 6 Big Bore Kit-Oil Cooler
Page 7 Brakes
Page 8 Tires & Wheels
Page 9  Front Suspension
Page 10 Rear Suspension
Page 11  Dual Head Light Kit - Battery - BatteryTender
Page 12 Corbin SEAT- Service Manual - Locks - Safety Vest
Page 13 Rear Rack - Travel Trunk - Saddlebags, License Frame - Scooter Kilt - Cover - Winshield
Page 14  
Page 15  Bling for the 125!
Page 16  Tech Tips 
Page 17  Engine Work


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