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This Super Trans Kit is one of the best dollar-for-dollar bolt-ons to improve your bike! Quicker accelleration, higher top speeds, and makes your CVT the smoothest operating trans around! From rapid down shifting to slow cruising, this thing is smooooth. Ultralight balanced components, oversized wear pads, and state of the art Teflon coatings ensure superior performance and long service life.

Kit includes:
Ultralight gold teflon coated overdrive variator
Ultralight outer drive face
Ultralight large shoe racing clutch
Ulltraight drilled & vented clutch bell
Dual range secondary slider
Roller weights
Compression spring
Ball bearing compression spring seat

Recommendations: -Use a new belt with this kit
-Use graphite or Moly grease when assembling

Shipped with assembly instructions with pictures!


NCY Performance

Three Shoe Clutch and Bell



 With high friction pads, this is a great upgrade for a stock or performance machine.
The light weight pillows allow for quicker spool and higher revs

High-quality reinforced clutch bell by NCY.
Has provisions that allow dust to escape and air
to cool the clutch and a high-friction surface for
more bite.



NCY Racing Clutch Bell(Teflon Coated, Star); Zuma 125



 Way lighter and excellent balance

can be used with three shoe NCY Clutch



 Dr. Pulley "Hit" Clutch


Dr. Pulley makes some of the best performing variators, clutches, and roller weights in the world. This HIT Clutch will maximize your your stock scooter or racing scooter's performance.


 Includes many clutch spings!

The HIT clutch utilizes the push pin technology to create a more responsive clutching action, higher throttle response, and a more powerful mid range for hills and racing.

Page 1 Exhaust Systems
Page 2 Belts - Springs - Rollers
Page 3  Electronic Jet Kit- Air Filters- Breathers
Page 4 Variator
Page 5 Clutch - Final Drive
Page 6 Big Bore Kit-Oil Cooler
Page 7 Brakes
Page 8 Tires & Wheels
Page 9  Front Suspension
Page 10 Rear Suspension
Page 11  Dual Head Light Kit - Battery - BatteryTender
Page 12 Corbin SEAT- Service Manual - Lock - Safety Vest
Page 13 Rear Rack - Travel Trunk - Saddlebags, License Frame, Red Light Changer, Scooter Kilt, Cover, Winshield
Page 14  
Page 15  Bling for the 125!
Page 16  Tech Tips 
Page 17  Engine Work


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  All products are Legal Only for Racing Vehicles
and are not intended for use on pollution controlled street vehicles