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Athena Variator

  • More top speed
  • Reliable
  • Easy installation
  • Complete instructions



 Roller Kits

Rollers for the stock, & Polini Variators (Not made in China)

  • Light to Heavy
  • High Quality-Not made in China
  • Long Lasting
  • Many sizes
  • Many weights


      Clutch Springs!

    • Soft
    • Medium
    • Hard
    • (Not Made in China)

Replacement Belts

Yamaha O.E.M. or Kevlar

As your drive belt wears down, it gets thinner and thinner. This will start to decrease your top speed. So, if your scooter is getting slower and slower, but you don't know why, replace that belt!We have both Yamaha Stock and the new Erlandson Kevlar Belts for your Zuma 50F





NCY Speed Clutch & Bell Housing

NCY 3 shoe Clutch 107MM

Lightened clutch from NCY. With extra lightweight pillows and high friction pads, this is a great upgrade for a stock or performance machine.

The light weight pillows allow for quicker spool and higher revvs.

NCY Clutch Bell 107mm

Clutch housings are often overlooked when looking for extra power. Light weight housings allow for quicker acceleration and more efficient cooling. This housing is a perfect upgrade for any bike, stock or modified!

*Textured for better initial bite
*Cross drilled for heat dispersion and debris extraction.
*Ultra efficient cooling properties.

Through constant research NCY continues to bring design concepts to the CVT transmission that are unmatched by any others.



So....have you taken the circlip off the stock clutch and had it fly accross the room never to be seen again?


We've got them in stock!







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