What's a Zuma?

The most fun of motorscooters!

Yamaha has been producing these for many many years.

Check this out! Yamaha started producing these scoots in the 80's. They have continued with the introduction of the 2008 model! Venerable to say the least!

An On or Off Road Motorscooter! 50cc's of Fun. Variable speed Transmission. Stock top speed about 43mph! Carries Two! (Yes we pack two up on these scoots!) Not to mention Electric start 12V system.

So when the squids went to the U.S.G.P. as Laguna Seca in July 2005, we went on Zumas two up! Took us about 15 minutes from Squid world headquarters to being parked at the track!

This is the ultimate pit bike, camping scoot, go to town scoot, run to 7-11 to get beer scoot etc. Did you know a zuma will easily carry 3 cases of beer? Or, one full 14 club golf bag AND a 20 pound dog. (Some courses let us use the scooter in lieu of a cart!)

Now there are two more Zumas, both four strokes, a 50cc and 125cc.

So....if it is so cool, why change it??? Because we can!



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