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17.5 MM Del L'orto Carb with Electric Choke!

Perfect for the Stock Zuma or a Zuma with a 70CC kit!

Keeps oil injector

No fussing with choke, it's electric!

(We have jets for this carb)



19mm Carb Kit

Separate manual choke cable including side mount choke knob!

Keeps Oil Injector!

(cable is easy to mount)


Make that 70cc get up and go!


(We have jets for these carbs)

Cable for Aftermarket Carbs

With any of the carbs, a new throttle cable is needed.


We recommend a "cable stop" with the new single cable. (This prevents the cable from turning back on itself and breaking)

Give us a call for more information

High Performance Carbon Fiber Zuma Reeds! ('02-'11)

  • Easy to Change
  • Great Throttle Response
  • Stock metal reeds break=big engine damage!


The Reed Story: the object of any tuner is to increase the power of the Zuma. The trick to this fine tuning is to increase the power into a smooth USABLE powerband. Any of the above 3 reed sets accomplish this. The design of these reeds is to open sooner and stay open longer than your stock stainless steel reeds.

Opening sooner allows the fuel / air mixture to enter the motor quicker thus giving a higher mid-range and top end power gain. If the reeds close too quickly the motor will not develop the much needed top end power. An exact balance of reed tension is needed to assure the proper function of the reed system.

Malossi Reed Block

These are reed valves designed with flow corner and with calculated capacity section. The petals are made of a material composed of karbonite and carbon. They are manufactured with advanced production processes and with the use of raw materials carefully selected. These reed valves are designed for modified engines and they have been tested directly on race tracks.

Includes Carbon Reeds, Reed Stops and stuffer.

Malossi Reed Spacer

Spacer for Horizontal ('02-'11) Engine

Thanks to experience gained on racing circuits, Malossi brings a new 5 mm spacer for placement between the crankcase and the reed valve to improve the performance of the scooter.

UNI Black Sponge Stock Replacement Air Filter
Increased air and filtering capacity, designed for sporting applications.

Inexpensive Horsepower!

  • Increased thickness with calculated porosity
  • Optimum filtering characteristics
  • Selected material produced exclusively for this specific use
  • Perfectly interchangeable with original air filter
  • Filter is especially suitable for high-performance engines
  • No re-jetting necessary

Air Box Mods

Increases air flow without the need to go to a clamp on filter

Complete Instructions with pictures

(requires a minimum of 7)



Jet Kit for Stock Carb

Jet Kit for 17.5mm Carb

Jet Kit for 19 & 21mm Carb

Zuma Jet Kit & Air Box Mods

If you would like to add a little more zip to your zuma this is the trick!

After installing a pipe, and letting your zuma engine "exhale" The Jet Kit with air box mods will let the engine "inhale"!


Bolt On air Cleaner with easily removeable high flow cover!

Bolts directly to Carburetors on 50-70cc Zumas

Cover keeps water out!

(cover is removable with one screw)

Fits Carburetors from Stock, 17.5mm, 19mm, & 21mm


37 mm Mouth Type: 45' Bend

Cleans easily!

Re-Jetting in necessary when removing the stock air box and bolting on an air filter!

Jet Kit is recommended

Clamp on pod style filter

Single Stage or Two Stage


High Air Flow


Fits Carburetors from Stock, 17.5mm, 19mm


Re-Jetting in necessary when removing the stock air box and bolting on an air filter!

Jet Kit is recommended


Jet Kit Contains:

Stock Yamaha: 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110

(stock from Yamaha is 80)

17.5mm Dellorto: 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110

(stock from Dellorto is 80)

19mm Dellorto: 80, 84, 90, 95, 100, 105

(stock from Dellorto is 75)

We have many other jet sizes available, also pilot jets, & needles.

Please call for individual jets,


m-f 9-5 pacific 

We ship world wide daily


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