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Two Piston Brake Caliper!

High quality, forged brake caliper from NCY

Serious Stoppee Power!

This two piston caliper is a great upgrade over the single piston calipers that are standard on Zuma scooters.

(Stock Yamaha caliper is single piston and is $184.95!!!

Better stopping power with this caliper!

Choose your color...or....stick with black!

Brake Pads


No Fading

The stock front brakes are spongy and fade under hard use. Quick fix.

Rear Brake Shoes

The rear shoes on the Zuma seem to wear out really fast. This will slow that process down along with slowing you down!

Steel Braided Brakeline Kit

Includes new Banjo Bolts and Crush Washers

The reason for a major part of the spongy front brake feel is the rubber brake line. Every time you pull the lever the rubber line "balloons" a bit. With the steel braided line, the brakes will feel "rock hard".

No more Zuma spongy front brake!

Major Stoppee Power!

Billet Alum Master Cylinder Cap

Includes new Screws

This doesn't offer any high performance improvements!

Just Looks Good!

(Installation time: 20 Seconds)

Billet aluminum rear brake adjuster knob. No tools necessary to adjust, plus it looks killer!

Does this make you go faster?


Does this make the rear brake work better?


Does it look good?




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