Zuma Stock Carburator

1. Electric Choke
2. Throttle Cam
3. Needle 
4. Slide 
5. Air Screw
6. Idle Screw 
7. Pilot Jet 
8. Needle Receiver 
9. Main Jet 
10. Float Valve
11. Float 
12. O-ring

So what do we do with all this stuff? Clean and adjust!

Do not use a caustic carb cleaner, as this is a Taiwan made carburator manufactured from the finest of materials! LOL! Use contact cleaner or solvent. On the main jet & pilot jet, hold up to the light and make sure they are clear. If not run a small wire through to un-plug.(the main jet is probably clear, the pilot is probably not!) Aslo, hold up #8, the needle receiver. Run a small wire in the 5 pin holes on the long part of the needle receiver. These holes are critical to smooth running, and clog quite easily particularly if scooter has sat for a long time.

Float level is set at factory and we do not suggest you adjust it. Generally it is right on. Should be 15-17MM from gasket surface with the float just touching the float valve.

Check all parts for wear, replace if worn. Check slide for free movement, check hoses for cracks or wear.

After reasembly adjust idle for your preference.

AIR SCREW: o.k. here's the deal. comes from the factory 1 1/2-2 turns out. Usually this is ok, however if you have been experiencing "coughing", "starving for gas" turning throttle and bike gasps then catches on.......then......adjust air screw all the way in and then back out 3/4 to 1 turn. This is the sollution to that problem, not changing main jet.



14mm Taiwanese

Del Lorto Knock off

Main Jet  80
Needle Receiver 2.085
Needle/Clip 3N24 3/5
Main Air Jet 2.0
Slide Cutaway  3.5
Pilot  44
Bypass .8
Needle Valve 1.8
Starte Jet 48

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